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Baynews - Jamie's page - first step / longest journey and all that now started.

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Woodbridge TKD


We're not sure the purpose of this site - but mainly Jamie wanted the world to know what he is doing so you will note much of the content is directed by him ;-) Since this site was created Jamie has grown several years and is now editing his own site - this site definitely takes no responsibility for some of the content on a teenagers site !

Jamie and I spend much of our 'spare' time practicing the ITF style of TaeKwon-do - a Korean martial art.  We also teach at the Mount Albert Community Centre.

Jamie spends the rest of his spare time practicing to be an NBA player in the flavour of Steve Nash.  John's spare time after that goes to trying to promote the libertarian idea.  Diane is an artist, but at this time is declining to publish on this site as she wrestles with a new game on her computer.  Her Blog is linked.

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